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Ready! Steady! Harvesting!

This is how our team is these days, setting up the infrastructure and organising everything necessary to harvest this year’s crop.

Does it seem early? That’s right! Harvesting here takes place much earlier than in the olive groves of the interior of the peninsula, because cultivation on the Costa de la Luz has its peculiarities. Among them, the times concerning the ripening of the fruit. Because here the temperature is damped. Our olive grove, bathed by the coastal breeze, undergoes a different process of growth and maturation. Here we enjoy a production marked by the climatic and geographical characteristics of the Cádiz region in which we find ourselves.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is obtained directly from freshly harvested olives, at the right point of ripeness. It is produced by mechanical processes without using any chemical products that alter the natural and healthy properties of our fruits.

In addition to organic cultivation and manual harvesting, we carry out the cold extraction process in our olive grove. This means that the whole procedure is carried out at a temperature below 27ºC, so, taking into account the temperature of our land at this time of year, the only option is to do it at night or in the early hours of the morning.

Our team is working very hard these days, preparing everything necessary to be able to offer you our organic extra virgin olive oil Oleo Conil, always looking for the highest quality and flavour.

This is the result of a careful process from start to finish, full of love and passion for what we do, because on this farm we invest all our efforts in making possible a production committed to sustainability, ecology and nature.